“Attempting It” – Quote by Ralph Marston

Attempting It

“Every single thing you ever achieve will come as the result of effortsomething you attempt.  So get busy making those attempts! Sure, some of them will fall short of the mark – yet each and every one will bring you closer to the achievement of whatever you desire.

Every winning athlete knows that practice is what ingrains victory.  Practice is the very process of making one attempt after another, and persisting through each and every outcome.

Those who achieve the most are those who attempt the most.  Those who are told “yes” most often are those who have been told “no” most often.  Sure, failure is possible anytime you attempt something.  Yet, failure is certain when you never make the attempt at all.

If you’re waiting for a sure thing, you’ll wait forever and nothing will ever come of it.  So go ahead, get out there- get your hands dirty and make the attempt.  That’s what will bring victory.  That’s what will bring accomplishment.

What would you attempt if you knew you could make it happen? Go ahead and make that attempt.  The first one may not get you there, but it will get you started.  Keep making the attempt and the achievement will be yours.

–  Quote by Ralph Marston


To Gavin, Gage and Riley-  This is one of life’s greatest lessons so LIVE IT!

Love, Daddy

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