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Recommended Book: Victory – Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy’s “Victory” is one of my favorite books of all time.   I really like the way Brian incorporates military style strategies into business…

Who this book is good for:  Anyone looking for strategic planning – especially business owners, business manager or salespeople that are responsible for their own management.

braintracey victory
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Here is the amazon description:

“Victory!, bestselling author Brian Tracy applies to business and personal success the same concepts that have helped great leaders triumph in military campaigns throughout history. Using military examples throughout, he provides ambitious, success-oriented readers with a practical template for reaching their own potential for greatness. This is an indispensable strategic field guide, from America’s foremost expert on achievement.”

My favorite part of the book:  GOSPA Planning Formula…. there is not better way to plan for something than applying the GOSPA Model
Step 1 – Goals
Step 2 – Objectives
Step 3 – Strategies
Step 4 – Plans
Step 5 – Actions or Activites

Sign of a  great book – I demolish it with ink and Highlighter

Sign of a Good Book
Sign of a Good Book