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Easy to Use Sales CRM

Your business needs a strong CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system.    You MUST constantly work on 1.  growing your database and 2.  Segmenting your database and 3.  Manage your sales pipeline

Pipedrive is the perfect tool for all three listed above.   It’s cheap (roughly $12/month), it’s stored in the clouds and can be accessed by any device.  2014-06-21_0858

What I really like about Pipedrive is the “Visual” pipeline – where you can see exactly where each sales deal is [in each part of your sales funnel]

If you don’t have a CRM [or don’t like the one you have] – Give Pipedrive a shot- you’ll LOVE IT!

Check out Pipedrive  here:

P.S.  it integrates brilliantly with other application such as gmail, google calandar and a host of other useful applications.

Tech Gadget for Grilling

People that know me know I am a tech geek – I love tech toys.    I recently purchased this for grilling.

With this device you can actually keep track of the temperature of your mean on the grill from your smartphone (using bluetooth).

It’s a very cool item; however, they recently came out with an updated version I think will suit me better (that has multiple thermometers).     Killer concept!

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